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The Dangers of Pest Infestation to a Property

Alongside being a huge inconvenience, having a pest problem within your property can lead to a number of resulting problems such as health issues. If you uncover any form of pest within your property it is vital that you put a plan of action in place to remove the problem at the earliest opportunity. With a number of pests able to cause an extensive amount of damage to both you and your property, calling upon a company who are experienced in pest control South East London means that you can effectively resolve the problem.
There are a number of different pests that can cause varying amounts of damage to you and your property so need to be acted upon quickly;

Rats and Mice

One of the most common pests to create problems within properties is rats and mice. Mice like the warmth associated with lofts, garages and wall cavities so will often be found nesting in these locations. Through their burrowing, mice and rats can easily cause damage to the structure of your property which can be a highly expensive procedure to resolve. Furthermore, their droppings and the diseases that they carry can cause serious harm to your health if you were to come into contact with them.


You will often find squirrels in your loft as they search for a place to nest and give birth. Having squirrels in your loft, whether there be one or five can cause serious damage. They will rip up your insulation to build their nests, leave droppings and can cause serious damage and potential fire risks by gnawing through cables and wires in your attic space.


From ants and cockroaches through to wasps and bees, insects can cause a variety of different forms of damage to both you and your property. Using standard insect repellent is often not enough to combat a problem and can lead to potential health problems on your part. Cockroaches can carry diseases which again will be harmful to you if you come into contact with them and insects such as woodworm can cause serious structural stability issues for you property if not treated early enough.
With a number of dangers associated with a pest infestation in your property, it is essential that you call in a team of experts who are experienced in pest control South East London to remove them for you. If you have uncovered a pest problem, feel free to contact this established company via one of the methods on the ‘Contact Us’ page of their website to have a member of their team visit you.
Written by Oliver Kyle on behalf of GPM Pest Control, experts in pest control South East London.

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