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Easy Cooking Recipes - Nutrition and fun

Easy cooking recipes are not only a fun to read but a fun to make as well. There are many of us to whom cooking appears as a passion and we love to cook and experiment with different types of recipes. But there are some of those as well who are not that well trained in this arena of cooking. They can use simple and easy cooking recipes to make nutritional and tasty meals.

You can have this answer that cooking is their favorite pass time if asked from many men and women that what their favorite pass time activity is. And, cooking indeed is one such activity that can be pleasure and fun especially for those who are well versed in this art. As far as those who do not now much about cooking, there are so many easy cooking recipes that the can easily make on their own. There are some quite easy recipes that are not only yummy but very simple to make.

Open cheese toasts

You need to take your favorite cheese for this purpose, and it can be of any type. Besides it you need, bread slices, some olive oil, some parsley, a bit of thyme, one fourth cup of butter and some salt and pepper according to your taste. You are required to heat olive oil in the pan, put the butter in it and get it melted as well. Then, add the cheese in it and stir it well and it will melt as well. Add the seasoning of salt and pepper, chopped parsley and thyme for its exotic smell. Mix it all well and then put this batter one by one on the bread slices. Your tasty and yummy open cheese toasts are ready.

Pasta with vegetables

For this you need half packet of Italian pasta, vegetables that you like that can be carrots, capsicum, cabbage, broccoli, spring onion etc, salt, black pepper, one teaspoon of soya sauce, one tea spoon of vinegar, one tea spoon of chili sauce, half cup tomato puree and oil. For this recipe, you are required to boil the pasta beforehand and then let it cool. In another pan, pour about two table spoon of oil, heat it and then add the diced vegetables one after one. Stir fry these vegetables and take them out. In this pan, pour the tomato puree and let it come to a boil and then add the seasonings that are salt pepper, soya sauce, vinegar, chili sauce. In a bowl, place the fried vegetables and pasta and mix them and then pour this sauce over them. Mix and stir well and another easy to make meal is ready.

Cinnamon exotic tea

This tea smells and taste very exotic. It is very simple to make. You are required to take one green tea bag, one cup boiling water, a piece of cinnamon, sugar if desirable. Place the tae bag with the cinnamon piece in the cup and pour the boiling water over it. Keep it covered for two minutes. You can add ginger, a piece of cardamom and sugar if you want to.

So, these are some easy cooking recipes that are fun to make and nutritious to eat.
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