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Maybe we already recognize the word depression, but what causes depression and how to overcome them. Depression is synonymous with feeling sad, depressed, upset, unhappy, and miserable. People generally use the term depression to refer
in circumstances involving sadness, resentment, no sense of pride, not powered, and others. There are two kinds of depression, namely mild and severe depression (settled).

Mild depression comes and goes by itself, marked with a heavy heart, sad, and gloomy. Major depression characterized by feelings of worthless or guilty, and often accompanied by physical symptoms such as decreased weight gain, headaches, to not feeling well. Patients with severe depression tend to withdraw, do not care about the environment, as well as limited physical activity.

One symptom of depression is the mind and slow-paced motor movement (psychomotor retardation). Cognitive functions such as, remembering, learning, thinking becomes impaired. So both in the learning process in students and working adults will decrease the quality.

Because occurrence of Depression

Need to know the causes of depression. There are several things that can cause depression, namely:

First, the sad incident. Like the death of a loved one who can continue to depression. The period of mourning is an important part of the process of adjustment to a loss. Depression is often called reactive depression.

Second, ordinary stress. Stress is a physical and emotional reaction to a stressful situation, demanding, or burdensome. Depression due to stress are usually driven by the tensions, both at home, school, office or other social places.

Third, this particular woman. Depression can also appear in the days before menstruation, so-called pre-menstrual depression. Disorders vary and is a common occurrence. This has coincided with the emergence of attitudes easily irritated, rough, and physical symptoms of weight gain, headaches, nausea and stomach.

Fourth, the disease caused by infection. Diseases caused by infection is often followed by periods of depression.

Of all the explanations about the causes of depression, then how do I fix this? Not good if we are not constantly depressed? If the cause is a sad event, so do not expect that recovery will come in a few days.

It takes time to get out of depression. Chatting on the cleric about the fate and wisdom behind all these events can help. If severe, then go medicine. Patients will be given a kind of sedative antidepressants.

Can also visit the psychological treatment. One way in which the therapist is encouraged to discuss feelings and anxiety sufferers, and can provide management assistance and advice.

If the cause is usually stress, so try to limit stress is as small as possible with as much as possible to avoid major changes in your life. Try to share with the people closest to you and how to deal with your stress. Take a moment each day for relaxation divert tension and anxiety.

Especially for PMS depression, your doctor will usually give pyridoxine (vitamin B6) daily. If depression is a result of infection, then do not be too hasty return to the daily schedule after the sick. Keep eating and sleeping enough is enough to speed recovery.

Please note that the role of the family and the environment also affects the healing from depression. If people are always reminded that we always care about them, then this will reduce the impact of depression such as feelings of isolation (exclusion), for example. So hopefully people will be motivated to be able to recover.

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