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Asthma is a disease that results in the respiratory tract in the lungs (bronchioles). Asthma caused by chronic inflammation and persistent in the time period lama.Ini cause respiratory someone with asthma,
have high sensitivity to a variety of "triggers". read more ... When inflammation blaze by various factors from outside and from within, respiratory swelling and fulfilled by snot. Muscle contraction without respiratory tract (bronchospasm), causing further restriction of the airways, these restrictions cause difficulties in ekspiration (blowing air out of the lungs).
Asthma Symptoms

Frequency and severity of asthma attacks varies. Some people more often free of symptoms and only experience shortness of breath attacks are brief and mild, occurring at any time.

Another patient almost always has a cough and wheezing (asthma) and have a great attack after suffering a viral infection, exercise or after exposure to the allergen or irritant. Crying or laughing hard can also cause the onset of symptoms.

An asthma attack can occur suddenly marked by breath sounds (wheezing, wheezing, asthma), cough and shortness of breath. Wheezing sound heard especially when the patient breathed. At other times, an asthma attack occurs slowly with symptoms that gradually worsened.

In these two states, who first felt by a person with asthma are shortness of breath, cough or tightness in the chest. The attack could take place within a few minutes or may last up to several hours, even for a few days.

Early symptoms in children can include itching in the chest or neck. Dry cough at night or while exercising can also be the only symptom. During asthma attacks, shortness of breath may become more severe, causing anxiety. As a reaction to anxiety, patients will also be spending a lot of sweat.

In a very severe attack, the patient became difficult to speak because of crowded very great. Although he has suffered a severe attack, the patient will usually recover completely.

Confusion, lethargy (reduced state of consciousness, where people like to sleep soundly, but can be aroused briefly and then immediately fall asleep again) and cyanosis (bluish skin look) is a sign that people with very limited supply of oxygen and need immediate treatment.

Sometimes some of the alveoli (air pockets in the lungs) can rupture and cause the air collects in the pleural cavity or cause air collects around the organs of the chest. This will exacerbate the difficulty felt by the patient.
Causes of Asthma

The term causes of asthma is not appropriate because until now the cause of asthma is unknown. There have been many studies conducted by experts in the field of asthma to explain the causes of asthma, but not a single theory or hypothesis can be accepted or agreed yanga all the experts.

Despite this obvious respiratory asthma sufferers have unique properties that is very sensitive to various stimuli (bronchial airway hyperreactivity = hipereaktivitas). Cigarette smoke, mental stress, allergens in a normal person does not cause asthma but with asthma can lead to an attack last stimulation.

In people with asthma, narrowing of airways in response to stimuli that in normal lung will not affect the respiratory tract. This narrowing can be triggered by various stimuli, such as pollen, dust, animal dander, smoke, cold air and exercise.

In an asthma attack, smooth muscle spasm of the bronchi and the tissues lining the airways have swollen because of inflammation and the release of mucus into the airways.

This will reduce the diameter of the airways (called bronchoconstriction) and this causes narrowing of the patient must exert every effort in order to breathe.

Certain cells in the airways (particularly mast cells) is believed responsible for the beginning of this stricture. Mast cells throughout the bronchi release substances such as histamine and leukotrienes that cause:

smooth muscle contraction
increased mucus formation
movement of certain white blood cells into the bronchi.

Mast cells release substances such as a response to something they know as foreign matter (allergens), such as pollen, fine dust contained in the house or animal fur.

But asthma can also occur in some people without a specific allergy. The same reaction occurs if the person is doing sports or are in the weather dingin.Stres and anxiety can also trigger the release of histamine and leukotrienes.

Other cells (eosnofil) are found in asthmatic airways release other materials (also leukotrienes), which also causes constriction of the airways.
Factor triggers asthma attacks

Triggers cause disruption of the respiratory tract and cause constriction of the airways (bronchoconstriction). Triggers do not cause inflammation. Many of the medical community who consider the trigger and bronchoconstriction is an acute respiratory disorder, which does not mean asthma.

The symptoms and bronchoconstriction induced by triggers arise immediately, place in a short time and is more easily overcome in a short time. But the respiratory tract will react more quickly when an existing or inflammation.

Factor in patients
Genetic Aspects
Possible allergy
Airways that are easily aroused
Race / ethnicity
Environmental factors

1. The materials in the room: house dust mites, animals, cockroaches

2. The materials outdoors: Wheat flower essence, Mushroom

3. Certain foods, preservatives, flavoring, food coloring

4. Certain drugs

5. Irritants (perfumes, odors stimulate, household spray)

6. Excessive emotional expression

7. Cigarette smoke from active smokers and passive

8. Air pollution from outdoor and indoor

9. Respiratory tract infections

10. Exercise induced asthma, recurrent asthma when they perform certain physical activities.

11. Changes in weather

Asthma Prevention

All asthma attacks must be prevented. Asthma attacks can be prevented if the trigger factors are known and can be avoided. The attack triggered by exercise can be avoided by taking medication before exercise.

There are prevention efforts that can be done to prevent any future attacks of asthma, among others:

Maintaining health
Maintain environmental hygiene
Avoiding trigger asthma attacks
Use asthma medications antipenyakit

Each patient must try to take precautionary action. But if the symptoms are arising antipenyakit asthma will require medications to relieve symptoms and subsequently maintained for the patient free from asthma symptoms.

1. Maintaining Health

Maintaining health is a business that is not separated from the treatment of asthma. If the patient is weak and malnourished, are not only susceptible to disease but also means easy to get asthma attacks and its complications.

Effort to maintain this health which include eating a good nutritional value of food, drink lots, adequate rest, recreation and sport as appropriate. Patients are encouraged to drink except when prohibited many physicians, because of other illnesses such as heart disease or kidney weight.

Many drink will dilute the phlegm in the respiratory tract, so that phlegm was easily removed. Conversely if the person is less drinking, sputum will become very thick, wiry and hard to be issued.

In severe asthma attacks many people are dehydrated. This is caused by excessive transpiration, less drinking and excessive evaporation of liquid from the airways due to breathing fast and deep.

2. Maintain environmental hygiene

Environment where people with daily living greatly affects the occurrence of asthma attacks. Home circumstances such as very important. Houses should not be moist enough ventilation and daylight.

Sewers must be current. The bedroom is a place that needs special attention. We recommend a minimum bedroom containing goods to avoid house dust.

Pets, cigarette smoke, mosquito spray, or hair sprays and other asthma triggers. Work environment also require attention especially when clearly there is a correlation between work environment with asthma disease attack.

3. Avoiding triggers Factor

The most common allergens causing asthma are dust mites, so the ways to avoid house dust should be understood. Other allergens such as cats, dogs, birds, require attention and also keep in mind that animals are not suspected as cockroaches and rats can cause asthma.

Respiratory viral infections often trigger asthma. We recommend that asthma sufferers away from the people who are stricken with influenza. It is also advisable to avoid crowded places or crowded.

Avoid excessive fatigue, rain, extreme temperatures replacement, running catch public transport or an exhausting sport. If you will work out, do warm up exercises beforehand and are encouraged to use drugs to prevent attacks asma.Zat disease-substances that stimulate the respiratory tract are like cigarette smoke, car exhaust, gasoline vapor, vapor or steam paint chemicals and other dirty air should be avoided.

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