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Photofacial Benefits

Intense Pulsed LightTherapy or IPL is a procedure in which skin is rejuvenated by using varyingwavelengths of light. It thus improves the feel and look f your skin. Alsoknown as photofacial, IPL has risks like any other medical procedure but the profitsoutweigh the risks in its case.

 Skin Tone

 Your skin gets it colorand protection from the damages of sun from a pigment called melanin that ispresent in the skin. There may be people who are suffering from too much of it(hyper-pigmentation) or too little (hypo-pigmentation). It can be throughouttheir skin or restricted to one or two areas. Photofacial or IPL is veryhelpful in reducing these skin tone problems, like liver spots, freckles,rosacea and redness because light can affect the amount of melanin a personproduces. That is why both Microdermabrasion Advice and Doc Shop recommend thisprocess for eliminating the above said skin problem. It can even removetattoos.
 Lines, Wrinkles and Other Blemishes
 IPL or photofacial canreduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as asserted by both Doc Shopand Microdermabrasion Advice. As Doc Shop clarifies, IPL has the ability tostimulate collagen growth, like any other skin therapies. But it can alsoconstrict the existing collagen on your body and thus make the skin appearsmoother and firmer. As for collagen, it is a substance that makes up yourskin’s elasticity and shapeliness. As IPL can stimulate its production, it meansthe procedure will find success also in cases of acne scars and stretch marks.Of course, the type of damage and its severity will influence the result of theprocedure.


 Many people suffer fromlarge pores while others suffer from pored that are filled with dirt and oiland hence appearing larger than they are! According to Doc Shop andMicrodermabrasion Advice, as photofacial stimulates collagen production, it canbe helpful in these problems as well. The procedure can plump up the skin surroundingthe pores and thus making them look smaller in size.
 Hair Removal
 If you want to removeunwanted hair, IPL can come to your rescue as the energy present in it can killthe hair follicles. Even FDA has recognized IPL as one of the approved treatmentsfor hair removal, as pointed out by Microdermabrasion Advice. In fact, it isone of the very few of such procedures that come with FDA approval.

Other Benefits

 According to Doc Shop,photofacial or IPL does not take off your skin cells like some other skintherapies can do. This non-ablative treatment works on the most inner layers ofyour skin. So with this procedure, patients will have a very little down time.That means if you are using other procedures that work only on upper mostlayers of the skin, you can still take this treatment along with it. That willincrease your chance of gaining a flawless skin in a shorter period of time!
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