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How to Get Rid of Dark Puffy Eyes Naturally

Your skin care regime is not completewithout eye creams and moisturizers for those pesky dark circles around youreyes. You will look young and with a healthy skin only when these puffiness anddark circles are gone.

For a better approach to the problem ofhow to get rid of puffy eyes, you can also try an organic approach, as taken bymany others. In this approach, the problem is tackled internally by regulatingthe diet of the individual and also on exercising more. This betters not onlythe overall health, but also their skin especially those around the eyes.
Drinking at least 10to 8 glasses of water is must if you want to keep dark circles away from yourface. If you skin stays hydrated enough not only will wrinkles be not formed, alsopuffy eyes and dark circles will not appear on your face.
The answer to thequestion of how to get rid of puffy eyes sometimes lie in items that most household have. For example, putting two sliced cucumbers over eyelids for at least10 minutes every day can reduce dark circles to a great extent. Just lie downon your bed, put the sliced on your eyelids and relax for the next few minutesto have eyes that are free of any puffiness or swelling!
 Most of us usemoisturizers daily or any other kind of facial cream. While moisturizing theface, make it a habit of using the cream also on the eyelids and well as theskin under your eyes. Massage gently to get rid of those dark circles and puffyeyes.

 Another every dayitem that can help you in your quest for how to get rid of puffy eyes and darkcircle is lemon. Squeeze out its juice and use a cotton ball to dab that onyour eyelids as well as on the skin around your eyes. See the dark circlesvanish like magic with this home made application!

 Most of the time,dark circles are formed because you do not sleep well or sleep adequately. Soinstead of searching the net in night for answers to how to get rid of puffyeyes, sleep for 10 to 8 hours and they will vanish automatically! If you haveproblem sleeping in slightest sound and light, try using sleep mask and whitenoise machine that can shut off any sound to help you sleep better.

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