Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011


You can insert pictures or photos from your digital camera to a computer for further processing using graphics processing application program. The development of computer operating system allows plug and play technology that allows our work. With this technology, the computer will automatically detect the hardware (hardaware) installed and immediately choose their own software needed to handle the additional devices.

A digital camera is one of the devices outside the computer system that can be connected with computer plug and play. Turn on your computer, connect the digital camera to your computer (usually using a USB cable), and switch on your digital camera (in-on-right).

A few moments later, digital cameras will soon be recognized by the computer system in the form of a new drive with a folder containing image files of your camera shots. The files you can copy to your computer as well as copying a file from a regular folder. After the image transfer is complete, perform the procedure to disable the USB flash drive as the disk. After the confirmation that you can remove your hardware, immediately turn off your digital camera (on-off-her) and lepaslah cable connections.

Once your photos are in the computer. you can process or manipulate it using a suitable graphics processing software.

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