Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

Bring Forth hidden Files by Virus

Sometimes we are constrained to be annoyed when we print files tiba2 missing. For people who lay knowledge of the virus, it would be very annoying at all. Sometimes we must be willing to go back and forth in boarding house to retrieve the lost data before, yet it turns out when we get to the place where we used to ngeprint file missing again. Annoyed khan ..?

the incident happen again try gax you confirm if the file that you want to print benar2 clean, not a virus in the sense that you copy to the flash, make sure the alternative if the original file extension benar2, Suppose File Folder Not the shortcut, Word Files Not Application and lain2, because each file must have extension sendiri2,, nach .. if the file already kehiden, how to use command prompt mngembalikannya can.

:press windows + r or can also click Start -> Run ..
then type the drive letter you, there FlashdisQ Suppose we type in the F O F: (do not forget to point them)

another type attrib-s-h / s / d then press enter.
This trick is pretty useful you know, when we are dizzy cari2 terhide our files,

Another way is actually quite simple we also use Hidden ANSAV Revealler.
This tool is usually already in Ansav ..

we stay open by pake aja trus ANSAV Plugin and Play Hidden reveallernya.

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