Minggu, 10 April 2011

Capítulo 1×53 Bandolera Telenovela online

Capítulo 1×53 Bandolera Telenovela online - Take advantage of Capítulo 53 found on the new series of Antena 3 for free Bandolera this March 23. "Shoulder"is a story starring Marta Hazas that will play the character of Sarah Reeves, a student of Spanish Literature at Oxford, enthusiast myth of 'Carmen' and everything having to do with Andalusia and decides to travel to a land of bandits in the late nineteenth century.

Sara arrives in 1882 to a village called Arazana result of a failure to take due care. Is lost and in his first experience someone steals your luggage and documents.
Civil Guard, led by the handsome Michael, takes the data about what happened and promised to find their belongings. A special attraction between them will emerge strong.

From that moment, Sara begins to know and live with common people, with the teacher Flor, the bartender Pepe, with the priest Damien and Peralta, the chronicler of the area until it receives a visit from his uncle, Richard Thomas, who comes to her niece back to England.

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