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Homemade Chocolate Candy

Homemade sweet Valentine's chocolate is much more thoughtful and special wax, store bought heart-shaped box. Create your own is easy, fast and fun. It is something children like to do, and adults become children when working with chocolate.

It's not as simple as melting chocolate. To make your own chocolate candy or candy coated chocolate should return to its hard, crunchy at room temperature.

Ever the melted chocolate to disastrous results? Most of the people. A poor merger process will raw chocolate, granulated or brown thick liquid that never returns to normal.

Chocolate is melted in a very specific form called tempering. properly tempered chocolate says it will be hard, like a chocolate bar or a stick to items like a chocolate covered pretzels. Homemade sweet chocolate for Valentine's Day should be done this way.

From a standpoint of science and chemistry, chocolate is a very complex issue. When heated, the crystal structure of chocolate changes. When cooled, the changes in the structure again. warm chocolate melting means that a precise temperature, then slowly cooling back to room temperature without damaging the chemical structure of chocolate. Otherwise, it will never recover.

The white spots you see on your chocolate bar called flower. When the chocolate has been left in a warm and humid, then cooled, you can see the white spots. This is known as the flower. chocolate flower is in ruins, and has the same flavor, but the structure of freshwater resources has become damp, so it is visually unappealing. It is not dangerous, just ugly.

Chocolate can also get moldy, as the water content will allow fungus to grow. Expired bags of chocolate chips left in your refrigerator grow the blue / green mold very quickly. The chocolate can go rancid when hydrolyzed fats, taking on moisture.

Chocolate will burn. The milk solids in milk chocolate start to break and burn to 130F (54C) and start looking for grain as if someone added sand. You can never repair this error.

Thank goodness that the chocolate melts as easily as it does. The fact that the mouth is 98F (36C) makes sweet Valentine's day so perfect. The milk chocolate melts in 90F (32C) and warm, moist environment of your mouth can make the most of this complex to treat.

However, to properly temper chocolate that melts and returns to its original state at room temperature, the chocolate is melted to a precise 110F (43C). This is the optimum temperature to relax the crystal structure of chocolate without destroying it.

All the homemade chocolate must begin with the chocolate chips or chunks that are the same size to allow the merger consistent. It is easier to control the temperature in a water bath with an instant read digital thermometer.

A double boiler quietly use the water to a simmer in a pan with a metal cup fixed inside that is at least twice the size of the bottom tray. Heat or moisture vapor escaping from the pot can not bend his way into the chocolate, if the container is much larger. The moisture in the chocolate will take advantage and turn to mud.

Melt chocolate any measure to 110F (43C), and maintain a 1 / 3 of the measurement from side to seed the homemade chocolate later. If you use a cup of chips to melt, with another 1 / 3 cup of seeds. If you use 30 grams of chocolate, with 10 grams of seed.

Once the chocolate reaches the desired temperature quickly add chocolate seeds and stir until everything is melted to a smooth and shiny.

The initial amount of melted chocolate face the crystalline characteristics of the chocolate room, temperature seed added to it. Will give you something to melted chocolate to aspire to be like his brother in their original state.

This properly tempered chocolate can now be used to make shapes, pour into molds, marshmallow dip or pretzels, or cakes and petit-fours superior. You'll have to work quickly, because the objective of this homemade chocolate is to be rigid at room temperature again.

If you use chocolate for candy for Valentine's Day begins to harden before you're finished working, return to water bath for 10 to 20 seconds to raise the temperature in a low voice.

Tempering chocolate is a simple task that can be quickly mastered and used to express your love, have fun with their children, or just a well-deserved refreshment.

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