Senin, 28 Maret 2011

Dark Chocolate

Pretzels can be subject to a number of assorted frosting or topping. For example, dried fruit, jam, pills, ice, nuts, jellies, caramel and chocolate of course are often used to cover the pretzels. dark chocolate covered pretzels, however, are considered specialties.

The black chocolate is in itself a very special kind of chocolate, is chocolate in its purest form. Is produced directly from the semisweet and bittersweet cocoa powder or extract. It has a number of advantages over other types of chocolate. Studies have shown that black chocolate is good for the heart and can reduce the risk of a number of cardiovascular diseases. Contains important antioxidants and flavonoids, which may play important role in various bodily functions, prevent aging and may even protect people s different types of cancers.

You can help boost brain function. Finally, the black chocolate may increase the release of two important hormones, endorphins and serotonin, more than any other type of chocolate. These hormones are responsible for human moods and can induce feelings of happiness and positive.
As for cookies, black chocolate have several advantages as well. The mild flavor of the pretzel dough can sometimes be too light for some people. The pretzel dough and sugar and sweet chocolate milk or black can be boring. The black chocolate can perfectly complement the base of cookies. Milk is a form pretzels a carbohydrate so the black chocolate covered are a better choice for diabetics. Some people also suffer from various problems of lactose tolerance and as a result are advised to avoid milk. They can also go to the options of black chocolate covered. They also have fewer calories than milk or white chocolate covered pretzels.

Pretzels are one of the most common choices for breakfast. We can not go for the black chocolate covered pretzels over time. Sometimes it is because they do not like the bittersweet taste of chocolate for the first time in the morning. Sometimes we're just too accustomed to different kinds of chocolate milk. But give it a try anyway, select the black chocolate covered pretzels as breakfast or snack. Remember that all the health benefits it provides.

You can keep your heart, brain, immune system and overall healthy body. You can lift your spirits and prepare for the next day. Finally, you are starting the day with fewer carbohydrates and less sugar. dark chocolate covered pretzels can sometimes cost more than regular pretzels, but it's nothing compared to all the benefits they have to offer. So, for them, staying healthy and happy with black chocolate covered pretzels

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