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Pulsed Dye Laser Therapy

The best anti-aging solution is Pulsed dye laser, a popularform of laser therapy, which minimizes aging to a great extent.
Reason for treatment
Pulsed dyed laser is used for ‘correcting’ targeted areaslike scars and blemishes. There are also specific ‘preventive’ sessions, forinstance, smoothening of scar or reducing sun damage. Generally, both thesebenefits ensure stimulation of collagen formation and speedy cell turn-overwhich cause skin rejuvenation and glowing and youthful appearance. Patientsalso see a great improvement in their skin tone, post-treatment.

Similar toseveral other correction options, the pulsed dyed work according to the qualityof treatment, desired results and the present state of the skin. The size anddepth of wrinkles and fine lines determine the treatment, and the attention andefforts required. Hyperpigmentation disorders, like melasmas and age spots can alsobe treated effectively. Besides, patientscan optimally get rid of spider veins, moles, warts, birthmarks, brokencapillaries, port wine marks and cherry angiomas with this treatment.

PDL Therapy Sessions
One pulsed dyed laser session lasts for 30 to 60 minutes.However, it can be as short as 15 minutes for minuscule broken capillaries. Normallypatients observe skin reconstruction within 3 or 4 sessions. On the other hand,severe damages like dramatic scars or deep lines can require a number ofsittings. For the more critical reparations, Pro-fractional treatment isrecommended. The patients’ eyes areprotected by a pair of thick and dark glasses during the course of thetreatment.

How It Works
Energy-filled light beams of the pulsed dyed lasers are focusedon the redundant blood vessels of the targeted areas. The heat emitted by thelaser light destroys these unwanted vessels without harming the healthier skincells beneath or around them. The safe yellow laser light does not cause anylasting damage or ’slip’ through. Pulsed duration and PDL wavelengths can becustomized in keeping with the patients’ needs.
Nevertheless, the pulsed dyer treatment has one side-effect.Since the new skin cells get exposed the radiant and healthy new skin becomessensitive to sunrays. As such, it is advised that the patients wear large hatsand daily use sunscreen – SPF 45 or more.

Post-treatment Side Effects
Overall, the pulsed dyed laser is non-abrasive and gentle. Bruisingof the treated skin can occur but that subsides within 3 to 14 days, dependingon its intensity.

Painfulness & Safety
Pulsed dyed laser treatments assure its patients of minimalpain during and after the treatment. The prickling feeling, due to insertion oflaser is curbed by a cold spray before the laser pulse is made. An anestheticcream can also be applied. The downtime can be done immediately after thesession.

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