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What is Online Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate: an individual who contracts with a merchant in order to help sell that merchant’s product. The product may be anything someone will pay for, whether tangible (such as clothing), virtual (such as electronic books or downloadable software), or information (such as expert advice).

Associate: another word for an affiliate.
Merchant: an individual or business who has a product and, in this case, uses affiliate programs to sell this product. Usually, the merchant takes all responsibility for recording leads and orders, and for storing and delivering the product to the customer.
Power affiliate: a term used to loosely define a successful affiliate. Often, people have a monetary figure in their heads (usually less than what they are making themselves) to determine "power affiliate" status. Power is relative and can be equated in terms of revenue, influence, and good will.

Testimonial: a written statement of support, preferably from a respected individual or company. Use of testimonials in advertising can greatly enhance sales.
Traffic: the number of times your webpage is visited. This may be from several "unique"visitors, or from a few loyal fans.

Online affiliate marketing
An online affiliate program is a contractual agreement you make with a merchant to acquire targeted traffic, generate a sales lead, or sell a product. This product may be physical (such as books), virtual (such as electronic books or downloadable software), or information (such as expert advice).Online affiliate marketing began as a natural outgrowth of the popularity of "linking" to other sites. Webmasters would incorporate electronic links into their site, which would take the reader directly to a point of interest. Merchants then saw the potential to reach more customers and began to offer incentives, usually money, in order to encourage webmasters to link to the merchant’s site. Online affiliate programs began in the mid-1990’s and are currently a popular way to earn money online. In fact, research shows that affiliate marketing is the most cost-effective way to generate online sales. I know many of you are making great profits using affiliateprograms, but I need to explain what they are and the power theyhold so that everybody is on the same level for the next few. If you haven't discovered affiliate programs on the Internet yet,you are missing out on an extremely powerful profit-making source.So what the heck are affiliate programs and how do they work? Affiliate programs can vary from website to website, but the mainidea behind affiliate programs is that a website will pay you forsending them buying customers.You send people to a website, if they buy something from thatwebsite you get a cut of the purchase.You will usually be paid either a percentage of the sale or a flatrate.Here is a random list of websites that have affiliate programs. The dollar amount shows how much ONE SINGLE PERSON is earning every "Remember if you selling any product throw affiliate you are consider just like a Marketing Executive or Reseller of that product. You just get a selling product commison.Here risk is 0% because product is not our own & no presure to rich a selling target"
Why should I be an affiliate?
The three main reasons to become involved with affiliate marketing are money, dreams, and freedom.

1. Money
You already have a concept. Why not make your knowledge work for you? Strategically placed paying links can bring in extra Income. The amount you earn, of course, depends on a number of factors but, if you have visitors, you can harvest this traffic and convert it to revenue.

2. Dreams
Money and dreams are not mutually exclusive, and online affiliate marketing allows you to have both. Here’s how it works. If you always wanted to sell fine jewelry, books, cookware, or other tangible items, now you can. Unfortunately, you don’t get to fondle the merchandise, but you also don’t have to worry about buyingstoring, or shipping it.

3. Freedom

Online affiliate marketing allows you the freedom to choose your own schedule, and towork from home, from the road, in the middle of the park, or on the beach.
An online affiliate program is a contractual agreement you make with a merchant to bring in potential customers, generate leads, or sell a product.

1.Merchants (not affiliates) handle the inventory and shipping.

2.Your responsibilities as an affiliate include representing a merchant, driving traffic,
eading the contract, monitoring your site and links, and monitoring your statistics.

3.Affiliate marketers can be divided intothree types: power affiliates, mid-rangeaffiliates,
and non-productive affiliates.

4.The three main reasons to affiliate are money, dreams, and freedom.

5.File a complaint with the Better BusinessBureau and the State Attorney General’s office.
Both organizations have online complaint submission forms. Perhaps one complaint
won’t raise much of a stir. However, if affiliates make such reporting standard practice then
the attorney general would receive several complaints on a company that behaves unlawfully.
Moreover, if amerchant knew that affiliates would report unfairpractices to the BBB and
the attorney general,that merchant might think twice before acting reprehensibly in the
first place.

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