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Tips treat eye

The conditions relating nonalergi eye premises often require different treatments of premises related allergies. This can include:

1. Viral conjunctivitis. This condition usually goes away by itself after about 10 days.

3. Patients should wash their hands frequently and avoid touching the affected eye or eyes
of others.
Occasionally, the cornea will become inflamed. This may require steroids or
antiviral reatment.

3. Bacterial conjunctivitis. Drug-drug antibiotic eye drops and / or ointment may be prescribed.

4. Dry eye. Tears, artificial tears is the most common treatment. Operation Punctal
occlusion may be used, in which a stopper is placed in one of two channels between the
eyes and nose to keep tears-tears flowing into the nose.

5. Irritation. Washing the eye completely is necessary when the symptoms triggered
by eye contact with cleaners-household cleaners, sprays, smoke, smog and material
impurities (pollutants).

Patients can also take other measures to relieve the symptoms of allergies and nonalergi including:

* Avoiding exposure to the causes of allergies. Patients are encouraged to take steps to
limit their exposure on the causes of allergies.
Examples can include dwell in the house
when the amount of pollen is very high, keeping the house clean to reduce the levels of
various causes of allergies and causes irritation and wash hands immediately after
feeding on pets.

* Use cold compresses on the eyes to relieve the symptoms. Cold acts as a stabilizer of mast
cells (mast cell stabilizer) and refinement vessels (vasoconstrictor).
Rubbing or scratching
the eye will only aggravate the symptoms.

* Use artificial tears-tears wash to remove mucus or causes irritation of the eyes. Cool
the artificial tears-tears make them more calm when worn.
Patients are generally
encouraged to avoid other types of drug-free drops (over-the-counter eyedrops),
because they are too long can aggravate the symptoms.

* Remove crusts eyelid to soften them with warm compresses and use baby shampoo to
clean them.
* Do not wear eye makeup until the symptoms subside. If an infection is present, eye
makeup should be discarded and replaced.
* Do not use contact lenses (contact lenses) when symptoms are present. If an infection
is present, the old lenses should be discarded and replaced.
* Rest your eyes and avoid bright lights.

If the avoidance of drugs and failed to relieve symptoms associated with eye, injections allergy / allergy shots (immunotherapy) may be considered. Allergy shots (allergy shots) is a form of allergy and asthma treatment in which small doses of an allergen disuntikk in patients over a period of time. The aim is to increase the tolerance of patients on the causes of allergy while reducing the symptoms caused by an allergic reaction.
Prevention Methods Symptoms Associated With Eye

The best way to prevent the symptoms associated with the eye is to avoid the causes of allergies, causes irritation and the germs that cause the symptoms. This should be done whenever possible. Other suggestions to prevent the symptoms associated with the eye include:

* Frequently wash hands to reduce the allergy and infectious contamination. The germs
and causes allergies can easily be transferred from fingers to the eye.
* Do not rub the eyes, because this will only irritate them and aggravate the condition.
* Use sunglasses outdoors to protect the spies of the causes of allergies and other
causes irritation.
* Use as a replacement glasses lenses during allergy season.
* Wash your sheets as often as possible and pillowcases in hot water and detergent to
reduce the causes of allergies.
Avoid products from animal hairs if there are allergic to it.
* Avoid wearing eye makeup. For those who choose to continue to use makeup, do not
ever share (use together) product with others.

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