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Money Makes The World Go Round

This is humanity’s number one motivator. Some say it’s the very thing that brings about evil, others say it can buy you some of the things that can make you happy. Some people have lied, cheated, and even killed for a little or much of it, and others have obtained some of it the old fashioned way, by earning it. But it is that one thing we cannot live without; money.

For without it we would not be able to pay bills, eat, or have adequate clothing and shelter, a nice car, and other material possessions, so when some persons say it’s ‘love that makes the world go round’ are they also forgetting that money also plays an important role with reference to that concept. Say for example, you walk into a singles bar and you spot two people sitting at a table. One of them looks a little financially deprived while the other, seems a little more well dressed, thus making you think he or she is in a better financial position.

And say you are seeking some one who is financially well off, which person would you approach? The one who is well dressed, right? So say you start dating this person and things are going well. While his or her money itself cannot buy you happiness, it is able to purchase the things that can make you happy like a new cellular telephone or piece of clothing you like. For in this day and age some people would be lost without some of those material possessions their money has been able to furnish them with. For example, if some one has grown accustomed to using his or her cellular telephone and misplaces it, he acts as if a great portion of himself is also lost.

And when he finds the phone that his money has bought, he is happy once again. Money is great, having a little or much of it can make us feel better about ourselves, but just like all the material possessions it can buy to fulfill our desires, so do we leave it all behind or pass it on to some one else when we make our exit from this world. Enjoy it while you have it, but don’t abuse it.

Money Makes The World Go Round Originally published in Shvoong: http://www.shvoong.com/humanities/74182-money-makes-world-round/

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